I mentioned in my last post that my word for the month was ‘eliminate’. At the time of writing, I had no idea what would grab my attention just days later, and how significant it would be.

Despite having always believed in God, I’ve never really “done” lent; the notion of  inflicted deprivation doesn’t seem to fit with my understanding of a New Testament God. So lent tends to pass me by, but I look towards Easter with eager anticipation. But this year, a friend of mine posted about her lent challenge, #Lentenletgo and it captured my imagination.

#Lentenletgo is a movement which encourages the participant to clear out, recycle and re-home during the period of lent. I read some great, simple examples of what others were doing and decided to put aside my feelings, and join. Four days in, simplicity is definitely key. Clearing out my handbag of old receipts. Sorting through months of mail into piles marked ‘Action’,’File’ and ‘Shred’. Using the random leftovers in the fridge to make Friday night supper (and it was delicious).

But for me, #Lentenletgo isn’t just about de-cluttering the home, but also about letting go of the past, and of the negative thought patterns it had created. Day three of the challenge, I printed off divorce forms, and filled them in. It’s definitely time to move forward.

Yes, the word for February is ‘eliminate’. Only half way through, I look forward to seeing what else I will let go of, and what new things will then fill the gaps left behind.


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