White rabbits!

Back in WWII, RAF pilots believed that saying “White rabbits” first thing in the morning at the beginning of each new month would protect them from harm. It’s funny for me to think of these brave heroes relying on superstition to safeguard themselves. Perhaps it was the routine of it that offered comfort, or the camaraderie of a shared phrase. Either way, it got me thinking about the power of our words.

Every morning, the Welsh Looneytune rises before dawn and heads off to work. For months now I have braved the alarm and got up with him, if only to whisper the same four phrases each day; “I love you. Have a great day. Be safe. Come home to me.” My words are blessing him; blessing him with love, with joy, with safety. And for me, with the hope of his return at the end of the day. And on some level, I do think these words do as I intend them too.

I think words are powerful and each day we yield them, unaware of the weapon we carry. Over the past year I got so used to bad things happening that I developed a bad habit of cursing myself, of always thinking negatively, of assuming that it won’t go to plan. Sometimes, when you are totally broken, its easier to do this than to step out and risk the disappointment that un-returned hope brings.

One of my favourite bloggers picks a word each New Year that becomes a focus for her over the proceeding months. So much is still settling for me as a result of  changes last year, that I think I would struggle to cover such a vast plain as a whole year with the one word, but I think I will definitely pick a word for each month that I will bless myself with. And use to keep myself focused and positive.

February’s word is eliminate. Will feed back next month!


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